Computer Server & laptops

I can supply, repair or reinstall your servers or laptops or computers with the required operating system, I offer a fast turn around and can do same day turn around. I offer full back up service and can give you information to help with any requirements.

Networking & Security

I offer full networking services from installing cabling and switches for your network and configuring wireless and devices. If you need a full security audit on your network and company or website please ask for details and close of any security threats that may harm your business.

Website & Optimisation

I have large range of websites built for clients online and offer a cost effective solution. All sites are mobile friendly and come fully optimised for the internet search engines and social networks. My sites come with a mobile application and can be updated easily from any device. I also offer online applications. Please ask for more information.

CCTV & Media

I build CCTV / Media servers which cab be accesses from any device and can have as many IP cameras as you require without any licences. Also the media servers can be controlled as well as the CCTV from external devices including all mobile devices. Imagine viewing your cameras or listening to your favourite songs from anywhere you choose.

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